We take it for granted that where we live, there’ll be somewhere relatively flat to play football.  Even in inner cities, there are playgrounds on which you can kick a ball around.  Where there’s more space, there are astro turf pitches, not to mention the more traditional surface, GRASS!

In Uganda, playing surfaces are one of the biggest problems.  It must be so difficult to hone your skills when you’re running with the ball but are scared of turning your ankle in a pothole, or when a ball is rolling towards you but you can’t control it because it hits a rock and bounces up onto your knee!  This is perhaps why many youngsters here seem to have developed a habit of hoofing the ball as far and as high as they can – maybe their subconscious has told them that balls along the ground are too unpredictable.  Or maybe they’re just secret Stoke fans!


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