One of the biggest hurdles we have faced whilst coaching in Uganda is the lack of planning from schools prior to our visit.  Fortunately this should improve as they get more used to hosting coaches in the future, but the difficulties that have arisen include:

  • working with the headmaster to produce a timetable of training sessions.  This is either not passed around the teaching staff or is pinned to the staffroom wall next to the teachers’ attendance chart from five years ago, so no-one notices it and therefore has no idea that pupils will miss their lesson;
  • going to a school which shares their pitch with another school.  ‘Our’ school fails to inform the other school of our visit, leaving us with either nowhere to train or a field with ant hills every five feet or so;
  • getting dropped off at a remote school, watching our van roar off into the distance and then having a nice chat with the headmaster for ten minutes or so.  He then announces that the school is holding exams that day and that we should come back tomorrow, despite the fact we have no easy way of getting home.

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