About Football Coaching Abroad

Donating Arsenal shirts

Donating Arsenal shirts in Uganda

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel abroad to coach football.  This blog details those trips, but instead of just writing about how today’s shooting session went or which passing drill we worked on yesterday, I’m equally (actually more) interested in writing about life in that country – the people, the culture and what I get up to away from the football pitch!

The subtitle (‘training drills, malaria pills and Delhi bellyaches’) hopefully reflects that mixture of football and travel and is a play on the phrase ‘thrills, spills and bellyaches’.

Training drills and malaria pills hopefully speak for themselves; Delhi belly is the generic term given to the upset stomach ‘experienced by travelers in a foreign country, who are not accustomed to the local food and water’! (www.dictionary.com)

I had so much to write about Uganda that general insights, such as food and transport, are in the section headed ‘Uganda’, whereas what I got up to from day to day is detailed in the section on the left-hand side.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has been a part of my ongoing adventure, and thanks too to those who gave me some great photos!


Arsenal training ground

At the training ground with Robin van Persie’s boots


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