Fun with the Kampala Kids League

Refreshment time in Uganda

After the newspaper interview we had a meeting with Jill and Ian, Canadians who work for an organisation called Kampala Kids League.  We agreed to do a coaching session the following day…for 150 children!  This was both daunting and exciting – in the UK we try to coach small groups of between 12 and 16, ideally with at least one ball for every two participants, so that everyone is constantly involved instead of waiting in long queues.  This would be a new challenge but one we were keen to overcome, not least because we were so pleased that so many people were eager to take part!

We came up with an ingenious plan…to split the pitch up into various ‘stations’, with a different drill at each.  This way we would be able to split the children into smaller groups, who rotate round the different stations.  For this to work, we needed some local coaches who would be willing to help out and hopefully learn something along the way.

We needn’t have worried.  We met with ten ‘helpers’ the following morning, and devised a list of different sessions.  We did a practical demonstration and let each of them choose which station they wanted to work at, which would leave Jesper, Robbie and myself free to move from station to station overseeing everything.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think the day could have gone any better.  The children and coaches both learnt new skills, and most importantly, a lot of fun was had by all of us.  Robbie, Jesper and I could see that our skills complemented each other, we worked well together and had overcome a big challenge with flying colours!


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