Uganda Youth Football League

We spent a couple of days working with the Uganda Youth Football League at their various centres of excellence.  The first place we coached was the pitch that S.C. Villa of the Ugandan Super League train on, and was called Villa Park!  We were pleased to find flat pitches and talented youngsters.  We did a shooting session, and while I was retrieving balls that had gone through the goal and into the hospital grounds, I missed out on seeing something hilarious…

A child was sitting behind the goal on a ridge in front of a deep ditch.  Clearly not paying attention to what was happening on the pitch, he failed to see a ball rocketing towards him.  It hit him on the head, sending him somersaulting into the ditch behind him.  Apparently he climbed back up, dusted himself off and found the whole incident hilarious, as did Jesper and Robbie.  I wish I’d seen it!

In the afternoon we moved on to coach at Luzira Prison, which was an experience.  We enjoyed our session with Maroons FC, who I believe were children of the prison staff but from what we were told, Luzira is not somewhere you would normally be keen to find yourself!

The following day we coached extremely large groups, first at a Muslim school, Buziga Islamic Institute, in the morning, then on a huge sandy pitch at Kamwokya in the afternoon.  It was really good to work with the Uganda Youth Football League and was a variation from working with school classes.


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