San Giovanni Secondary School

Cow on the pitchThis week we have been at the final school of our stint in Kanungu, San Giovanni Secondary.  We only had two days there, Wednesday and Thursday, as the school shared a pitch and there was an athletics meet there on Friday.  The deputy headmaster said that the only possibility was to use the volleyball court, but given the class sizes, this was not an option.  Furthermore, the court was on the top of a hill, so even if there were only a handful of kids, they would have spent more time retrieving the footballs than playing with them!

The teachers in the crowded staffroom were very welcoming.  There was a television, so during breaks and lunchtimes we were able to watch the news and catch up with the football results from Europe.  Less appealing were the South American soap operas, to which the teachers seemed addicted!

On Thursday, we were due to coach the senior pupils of P7.  I went into their classroom and started chatting to them but was surprised at how confused they looked and how quiet they were.  So I started joking around, picking up one person’s exercise book and testing them on the work they were doing.  As they were still silent, I figured they must be awaiting the arrival of the rest of their peers before getting ready to come down to the pitch.  The guy at the front of the class looked even more bemused than the rest.  He looked a little older, but school years here are not defined by age so I thought nothing of it.  He was wearing the same blue shirt as the rest of P7…but then it dawned on me.  He was a teacher.  Not only that, but he was in the middle of a lesson!  It was nothing new to us that the timetable and our schedule hadn’t been passed on to the staff but the teacher looked so bewildered by this strange mzungu who had waded in and interrupted him.  Oops!  In my head I was laughing but in hindsight my invasion was either slightly embarrassing or quite rude, or more probably both!  I introduced myself, then sheepishly left the room…


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