Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi

After the H.I.V. talk, we set off for a relaxing weekend break at Lake Bunyonyi.  From the school, we drove for another couple of hours before stopping in a town called Kabale, where we visited a small supermarket that sold ‘luxury’ goods such as marmite!!  Everyone stuffed shopping bags full of Fruitella, Ribena etc. before we drove a little further to Bunyonyi.  We camped at a resort on the edge of the lake and took advantage of the hot showers, western food and cold drinks.

On the Saturday, we canoed across to an island where we had lunch.  Rowing was easier said than done, our canoes having a mind of their own.

After we returned to the mainland we were entertained by a group of children from the local orphanage, who danced and sung for us while Arsenal were beating Sunderland 2-1!

Orphans dancing

On the Sunday we visited the children at their orphanage before making the journey back to the lodge, via the supermarket, where once again we stocked up on treats!

Here is a selection of photos from the orphanage:


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