Kirima Parents

Pupil from Kirima ParentsThis week we have been coaching at Kirima Parents school, that of the amazing welcome reception and the grudge football match of a couple of weeks before.  Ali Cave, the two-goal hero of that game, and Vicky Bailiss, who was on her second stint teaching in Uganda, were the two volunteers there.

Being close to town, the school was in a different setting from the rural locations of the previous two schools we had coached at.  The class sizes were much bigger too (P5 had 62 pupils), but most interestingly there were noticeable differences with the children too.  Their English was better, very possibly a result of having volunteer teachers for several years, which is testament to the work VU does.

Also, they seemed a lot more self-confident, which combined with the large class sizes meant that we had new challenges to deal with.  As the week went on, the situation improved as we used the coaching method that had served us so well in Kampala – splitting the large group into smaller ones, with Jesper, Robbie and I each taking a group and working on a different drill, then rotating the children between us.

On the Friday we did our normal fun day of mini tournaments, so only took a few of our footballs from the headmasters’ office.  Lo and behold, when we went to leave that afternoon, a couple had gone missing.  The teachers blamed the pupils, but given that they had been locked away it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out that the teachers had ‘borrowed’ them to train for a future rematch against Volunteer United.


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