Kirima Community Secondary School

This week we have been coaching at another secondary school, Kirima Community.  We had planned our visit there specifically for this week as we were told that exams finished the previous Friday, so the pupils would be both raring to go and more importantly, available to take part!

After the VU van had dropped us off and disappeared into the distance on its rounds, depositing other volunteers at their respective schools, we had a pleasant chat with the headmaster.  After a while he informed us that exams were still going on, suggesting we start our sessions the following day!  If only we had been told before the van had left, or better still before we had even made the journey; once again, TIA – This is Africa!  And so we trekked back to the lodge on foot.

On the Friday we had another HIV talk planned, on route to Lake Bunyonyi again.  This left us with only three days at Kirima Community.  We made the most of it again, coaching the school team each day as well as the individual classes.  We were well looked after by the staff, particularly a teacher named Ivan, who ensured we were supplied with plenty of rice and pineapple to go with the matoke, posho and beans!

On Thursday afternoon, just as we were due to leave, he asked us to say a proper goodbye.  Robbie and were led into a large classroom, which unbeknown to us doubled as the hall, to be faced by the entire school!  We were thanked by Ivan and then said a few words ourselves, which were well received.

Friday began with the HIV talk, our third but the first one with the new group of volunteers.  Again I am pleased to report that a large number of pupils took the opportunity to be tested; all were negative.

HIV awareness talk

Our third HIV talk

We then continued onto Bunyonyi, which everyone was looking forward to.  For me it was particularly exciting; instead of enjoying the change of scenery and relaxation the resort offered, I decided to take advantage of its location near the border with Rwanda to have a short adventure of my own.


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