So on Friday the time came to leave the lodge.  We said goodbye to everyone, which was tough as we had spent three months with these people, living in each others’ pockets, and got to know everyone really well.  As we drove off I tried to console Jesper and Robbie and after a few minutes they had just about regained their composure.  Then Freddie, our friend from Kampala who had been visiting Kanungu and was now heading back to the capital with us, announced with horror that he had left his phone at the lodge and we had to head back!  This time though the van stayed at the bottom of the drive, leaving Freddie to run up the last fifty metres or so.  Nicholas said it was easier to turn at the bottom of the drive but I think in reality he didn’t want to have to sit through us spending another half an hour saying our goodbyes!

After a ten hour journey across Uganda, we arrived back in Kampala and our home of several months before, Backpackers.

After coaching on Sunday we watched Arsenal’s exciting late victory over Manchester City in a bar called Just Kickin’.  To our surprise, the former Manchester United players Gary Bailey and Quinton Fortune were there with the Premier League trophy!  Apparently it’s on a world tour…

After they left we watched the game, during which we met Bobby Williamson, manager of the Cranes – the Uganda national team!


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