Great Lakes High School

Great Lakes High SchoolCoaching at primary schools had been great but to develop our skills further we also wanted to work with older children.  The benefits of this were that due to their better command of English and superior footballing ability, we would be able to deliver more advanced sessions.

This week we have had that opportunity, working at a secondary school called Great Lakes High, an hour or so from the lodge but another school run by CHIFCOD, the umbrella organisation of which Volunteer Uganda is a part.

On Sunday (it’s a boarding school!) we had visited to work out a timetable with the headmaster.  As well as working with different classes as usual, he was also extremely keen for us to work with the school football team, as they were participating in a tournament on the Thursday which we were also to attend.

The school shared a pitch with the neighbouring primary school, who we soon found out had not been informed of our visit.  They had arranged a schools athletics meet for one of the days, so instead of trying to dodge the javelins we had to find alternative locations for some of our sessions.  We used the primary school’s netball court, as well as a field laden with obstacles in the shape of giant anthills.

Great Lakes High School classWorking with the pupils was great as usual, even given the large class sizes.  The school team, however, were a bit more of a challenge.  I think their training normally consisted of going on long runs and playing matches, so introducing drills to them was a struggle as their listening powers were almost non-existent!  We were also slightly underwhelmed by their ability but one or two players stood out as being a lot more talented than their team-mates.

Rio Ferdinand

A young Rio Ferdinand?


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