Coaching internationals in the Ugandan Super League

Coaching internationalsOn Wednesday, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to coach the players of S.C. Villa of the Ugandan Super League – the country’s most successful club.  This was an incredible experience, working with such talented players, some of whom were internationals.  It was extremely flattering later, when their coach, who had also been an international, told us how much his team had enjoyed the session and that in the friendly match we played, he saw them put into practice what we had taught them in one of the drills!  Bpbby Williamson, the Uganda national team manager, was also there to witness a couple of friendly matches we played against S.C. Villa.  Those guys were so good.  Extremely fit, passing and moving – generally running rings around us!

It was a great way to finish our work in Uganda as the day had been arranged by Kampala Kids League, the organisation with which VU had linked us up three months ago, at the start of our time in Uganda.

As  previously mentioned, later on Wednesday we made our way to UBC (Uganda Broadcasting Corporation) to be on Magic 100 FM again.

So to sum up Wednesday 11th April 2012:

  • Coached international players
  • Played against international players
  • Interviewed by national TV
  • Pundit on national radio

What a surreal but unforgettable day!


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