Becoming a TV and radio star – fame at last!

On the radio

Paul, VU director, talks about the partnership with Arsenal

On Tuesday we were invited to be guests on Magic 100 FM, a national radio station which broadcasts all the Premier League games.  The Ugandan Radio 5 Live if you will.  We talked about why we were in Uganda – the partnership between Arsenal and Volunteer Uganda and the work we had been doing.  We also took calls from listeners, which was great fun!  The show obviously went well, as we were invited to come on again the following day.

We were then asked to record some jingles.  The producer seemed to like my voice in particular, so asked me to read out a script advertising the station’s Premier League broadcasts!

Recording a jingle

Recording a jingle

Moses, a coach from the Uganda Youth Football League filmed a lot of our work.  There were also TV cameras at some of our sessions and I had to give interviews, which was an experience.  The radio studio at Magic 100 FM had a couple of screens and actually during our first radio show, the presenter noticed us on television.  So I watched myself on national TV whilst I talked on national radio!

The following evening, on Wednesday, was even more fun.  After a programme similar to Tuesday’s,  talking about our work and answering listeners’ questions, we had planned to leave the studio and find somewhere to watch Wolves v Arsenal.  However, we were lucky enough to be asked if we wanted to watch it in the studio!  Furthermore, we were asked to be pundits!

Radio pundit

Being a radio pundit

Watching Arsenal beat Wolves and Wigan beat Manchester United, whilst sitting in a radio studio next to the excitable Ugandan commentator, then chipping in at regular intervals with my ‘expert’ analysis – I absolutely loved it!

To my knowledge we were on national radio three times, were interviewed and shown coaching on four different national TV channels, not to mention appearances in national papers too.  Embarrassingly, we had become celebrities in Uganda!


On national radio:

On national TV:

In Kampala, we were interviewed a few times by different broadcasters.  On one occasion I was filmed during a coaching session and both my interview and the clip was used on the national news.  Incidentally, the Egypt-based academy mentioned in the subtitles was the next story, nothing to do with us or Arsenal!

Here is part of my interview.  If I look strange, it’s because I was looking directly into the sun!

This clip was the footage for which they did a voiceover.


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