Alive and Kicking

Alive and Kicking football

An Alive and Kicking football gratefully received by this child’s school

On Monday, along with the new volunteers came the fifty footballs Arsenal had sent, which we had been awaiting since our arrival.  They had been in a cage at Entebbe airport even before we had come to Kanungu, but every time various people, including Jesper and myself, had been to collect them, customs officials had had other ideas.  Finally after much political haranguing, they were released to us!  It was good timing; the balls we had bought in Kampala using the donation Jesper had received from the Lions Club charity in Linköping which had served us so well, were now either no longer in our possession (as mentioned earlier!) or in a state of disrepair.  These new footballs, as well as being red and white and emblazoned with the Arsenal logo, had come from one of the club’s charity partners in Kenya, an incredible organisation called Alive and Kicking (, and were specially made to withstand the hard grounds and African conditions.  They could also have not arrived at a better time as the class sizes at Great Lakes were so big that it was useful to have such a large number of balls.  Actually, scrap that…they could have arrived at a better time – six weeks earlier at the start of our coaching!

Alive and Kicking footballs

Carrying all the new footballs Africa-style!


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