African rain

Whilst coaching at Standard Academy we experienced our first real storm of the trip.  Rain in AfricaThis took us by surprise, but we decided that the children would laugh at us mzungus if we stopped playing at the first sight of rain.  We continued, but as it got heavier we realised it would be unfair to stay out there.  The pupils don’t have P.E. kits; they were playing in their school uniforms so would have to sit in class for the rest of the day dripping wet.  We had to get them back inside at once – the only problem was that the pitch was five minutes’ walk through the plantations back to the school!

The next day in the minibus, the other volunteers laughed at us for bringing our raincoats – the districts in which their schools were located clearly not affected by the previous day’s shower.  Either that, or they hadn’t been bothered by it, spending their time as they do, in the comfort of their classroom and not having to spend the day outside!

A few hours later we had the last laugh as the heavens opened.  Fortunately this time, as the first drops fell, we left the pitch at breakneck speed and got the children into the classroom at the split second the rainfall turned into a monsoon!  Then it started hailing golf balls…


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