The lodge – our home for three months!

Kanungu, Uganda

After saying goodbye to the General and his staff, we set off for the Volunteer Uganda lodge.  We were eager to see at last our home for the next few months, and at 7pm, when we finally did, we weren’t disappointed.  It’s up a steep hill in Kazuru, a village in the middle of a forest in Kanungu District, with nothing to see for miles around but trees.

It’s a ten minute drive on a bumpy forest track to the main road, which is another five minutes or so from the nearest town, also called Kanungu.  I say town, but to be honest, it’s really one winding road with shops on either side.

Kanungu, Uganda


Anyway, on arrival at the lodge, we were given the most amazing welcome by the lovely Ugandan staff…Priscilla, Dennis, Mackie, John Bosco (J.B.), Gloria and Frank.  Their genuine warmth and huge hugs made us feel at home immediately.  I had heard about how lovely they all were from the team leaders and they didn’t disappoint.  Priscilla, possibly the cuddliest person I have ever met, ran hand in hand with me to show me the boys’ dorm, known in these parts as a ‘banda’, so that I could choose my bunk bed.

That evening the drinks were free at the lodge bar, but most people were pretty frazzled from the journey.  After dinner, we played some pool, then sat around the camp fire before heading for our first night in the banda.


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