Volunteer Uganda brings volunteers from around the world to this part of Africa to teach in local primary schools.  Although we are here primarily to coach football, Arsenal were also keen that we do some work in the classroom too.  That’s fine by me – at both primary and secondary schools in London I have taught ‘Double Club’, a program developed by Arsenal which uses football as the theme to improve literacy.

Teacher training

Teacher training Africa-style

We spent a couple of days with the other volunteers getting trained in how to teach with limited resources, before attending a reception at Kirima Parents Primary School.

Welcome reception at Kirima Parents

Welcome reception at Kirima Parents

Again, the welcome we all received was incredible, with the children singing and dancing in honour of the mzungu (white-skinned) volunteers.  Mzungu was a word we’d get used to very quickly…it was the name given to us by complete strangers.  We would hear it walking down the road, at the market, whilst driving in the van, even from distance voices in the fields and plantations, and was used as a term of affection.

Matoke, posho and beans

Matoke, posho and beans

We also had our first taste of school dinners (matoke, posho and beans) before wandering round the school and meeting the different classes.  Cameras and sunglasses were in constant danger – not of theft but of damage from kids clamouring to try them out!

Wednesday afternoon ended with a meeting with the head honchos of the local college, who were keen for us to coach their players on Friday, which we were happy to accept.


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