Starting school

The Thursday was spent at Kazuru with the two volunteers who will be teaching there full-time for the next few weeks – Rob (‘My Name is Earl’) Hollerbach…

…and the former Miss Denmark herself, Tine Pohl.

Teachers Rob, James and Tine

Teachers Rob, James and Tine

Kazuru is the school neighbouring our lodge – I say ‘neighbouring’ but it was still a half hour hike through the forest.  An amazing journey which was great in that it meant we avoided having to use Ugandan roads, and was a pleasure for me in particular, given the years of commuting on the London underground I had had to endure in my previous life!

This was the school in which we would be starting our proper coaching sessions the following week.  Our visit on the Thursday was just so that we could be shown round the school and introduce ourselves to the classes, but we also took the opportunity provided by a lack of teachers to start some impromptu lessons.  In the classroom we played a geography game using the nationalities of the Arsenal players.

On the small school field we played some fun games but were slightly concerned that the pupils (or ‘learners’ as they seem to be called over here) could barely see each other over the grass.  We needn’t have worried…one of the older learners, Lamson, instructed his peers to bring their pangas (machetes) to school the following day so that by the time we next saw the field, the grass had been freshly cut and goals made at each end!  Amazing.


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