Arrival at last!

The major worry caused by missing our connecting flight was that we had no idea where to go once we eventually arrived in Uganda.  Fortunately we needn’t have worried – at the airport arrivals we were greeted by a lady with a sign saying ‘Arsenal FC’.

Entebbe airport

We eventually made it to Entebbe airport, Uganda!

The journey from the airport was hairy due both to the poor road quality (Kampala is sometimes known as Kampothole) and the fact it was dark.  Streetlights from Entebbe to Kampothole seemed few and far between, which wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem were it not for pedestrians crossing the road with not a single thought for their own safety.

Fifteen hours or so later than planned we arrived at Backpackers to be met by a relieved Jesper as well as Tom, Will and Laurence, the team leaders of Volunteer Uganda, the organisation with whom we were to be working for the next three months.  Any worries we may have had about messing up their plans for our first day were quickly dispelled with a warm welcome and invitation to join them on a night out at Steak Out.  An extremely good evening was had by all but it must be said that when the time came, I was pleased to make acquaintance with my bed.



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